Odrážedlo Pedo-Bike S Air


Pedo-Bike® S Air

This is our top model. It is fast, flexible, and recommended for ages 2 and up. It is the Original under the walking bikes: stable, resilient and grows with the child, seat height adjustable for 16 cm. 20 years of experiences in producing walking bikes are reflected in our bikes. A high degree of safety and the childrens’ real demands become even more apparent. It comes with disc wheels for safety. By wishes the wheel cover can be removed from the spokes, but we are advising against. It comes with handlebar grips.


sturdy multiplex birch wood, nature/pink, oiled
safety handlebar grips
LxWxH: 88×39×56 cm
weight: 4.5 kg


The packing is not part of the product and has to be disposed.

  • Doporučená cena: 4.499,-Kč
  • Vaše cena: 2.999,-Kč s DPH
  • Vaše cena bez DPH: 2 478,51 Kč
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